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March 19, 2020

My personal practice during a time I needed a little more grounding and solice. 

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Namaste: Sandra

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January 23, 2020

The Stillness Within

"True Yoga" is the stillness between each asana. 

As I guided a yoga practice today (Sunrise Yoga), I came home and was inspired to write about a thought that came to me during class. I was watching the wonderful souls in the room move through their sun salutations. As they came back up to a standing pose (tadasana/mountain pose) they stand strong, chest up, out, open to the light and energy..... exhale (sigh). They stand strong in their stillness, their eyes closed. 

This!!!.... This right here is where yoga starts and ends!  I felt so grateful that I was given the opportunity in my life to guide others through asana to help others in clearing cobwebs, clearing the dis-ease within their body and mind. Truly be able to practice and come to the "true yoga" (their own peace in their stillness, peace in their hearts, minds, and souls).  

Of course I shared the vision and words I had with all in the class, and they were (as always) very appreciative and inspired. As they lay in savasana (corpse pose) I sent many thanks and gratitude to them for inspiring me through our practice today, to bring my inner vision into the light. So as I was writing, I leave you with a piece, or shall I say "peace". 

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti (Peace, Peace, Peace)

The Stillness Within

Under the waves of emotion,

There is a deep place of stillness.

But to get here,

You must first be there.

Honor your emotions.

Feel them.

Know them.

See them.

Ride the waves.

Then leave the surface.

Dive down to the depths.

Into the darkness.

And remember

You are not emotion,

You are the stillness within.

Sending you all love, light, and strength

Sandra Christina Beaulieu

January 10, 2020

What I'm a Stranger To 

(inspired through a Yoga Nidra Meditation)

Last week I went to a beautiful Yoga Nidra Meditation workshop conducted by one of my fellow yogis here in our area (Peggy Nolan). During the workshop (after the 1st 1/2 of the meditaion) she had us do some writing exercises. She would read a poem twice to us and give us a sentence to run off of, to create our own writing. The poem that really hit home was (i believe) called "Stranger to Me".  

Let me just mention a little about me. For as long as I can remember I had a hard time accepting me, feeling like I was enough. I am in long term recovery from Anorexia Nervosa and Body Dismorphia. My eating disorder previously hindered and stopped a lot of growth in my life. Until 2 years ago, when I began my journey into healing through yoga and I immersed into a 200hr yoga teacher training. This would forever change my life... (For the better). I would like to share my version of "Stranger to Me" with all of you. Maybe some will relate through their own story. 

"Stranger to Me"

by: Sandra Beaulieu

What I make myself a stranger to... Is newness, failing and afraid of failing. I make myself a stranger to fat, to cheesecake, swiss rolls, and belly rolls. Belly rolls?? A stranger to belly laughs. I've made myself a stranger to plans; but not so much a stranger to breaking them. A stranger to fullness, a stranger to believing in me. I've become a stranger to romance, and even the WHOA-Mance that comes before it. I'm a stranger to you, and a stranger to ME. 

Wow typing this, and reading it back to myself, I am so grateful that I am not too much a stranger to these things anymore. Do I have the occasional hiccups still?? ABSO-FUCKIN-LUTELY! Except not I don't beat myself up for it. 

When I share about my eating disorder, anxiety or depression, it is not for sympathy of to be in a vistim state. I do it now, because I feel my story will help others. Know that you are not alone in these mental illnesses and there is support out there for you. Me being one of them. Just send me an email and reach out. I'm here to listen.

With Love and Blessings


January 1, 2020

Reflecting Back into 2019

On and Upward 2020! 

No Resolutions, just living with intention daily. 

My 2019

2019 has brought me so many ups and downs. Let’s talk about the downs for a moment (only a moment). I’m grateful for them. Although I felt at times life was working against me. What is really did was create lessons and immense growth. There were fears I never thought I would over come, that I had to endure the feeling of panic attacks to get through. Happy to say, I accomplished them!

Now the ups 🤩

The growth I’ve gained continuing guiding yoga classes.

The people and community that grew.

Finished more classes at SNHU and seeing the finish line to my Psych Degree.

Expanding my knowledge in my yoga studies. (300hr YTT, Reiki II, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy)

Accomplishing traveling alone to a retreat.

Meeting Kristie and The Soul Project inviting me in, in which I gained a circle of strong inspiring women (including Kristie). Becoming a Soul Ambassador.

My very first public speech.

Connecting with beautiful studios and fitness places to guide in their spaces.

Re-connecting with my Sister.

Jacob getting sworn into the Army.

Noah starting Kindergarten

Sean’s growth and success in football and honor roll at school.

Gabriella graduating and landing an amazing job as an LPN.

Max starting his first job.

Adding our beautiful dog Francine to our pack.

Support in Sandra’s Cupcakes Couture and having another successful year.

1 more yr of recovery and better relationship with my body and food.

So grateful for my Husband and the love he gives me and our family every waking minute.

The vacations and trips we ve had as a couple and whole family.

Honestly I could not be anymore grateful for what the universe has given me on 2019.

I don’t do resolutions, because I feel “ why can’t we just start a goal any day or any time?” For me I will keep it short and simple. As I intend daily, I will intend this coming year. “Thrive to be a better version of who I was yesterday or last yr”.

Happy New Year to all, especially my family and friends. Love you all!

Bring it 2020!! ❤️🙏🏻

A weekend of meditation and how to get to the 

higher self awareness.

By: Sandra  December 16, 2019

This passed weekend, I spent amoung the beauty of my yoga family during my continuation into my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

We had (I will call her) "Meditation Guru". Seriously!!! Just her presence felt so sacred and had a sense of peace. Although I love to bring a small meditation practice while preparing others into Savasana, I will be the first to admit it has not been easy for me to follow a meditation pratice faithfully. My goal is to one day be able to do a full hour long meditation practice for you all, but I know I am not ready for this. I know I need to be practice more of what I guide and have further knowledge of this myself. One day, I will be there. What I learned through meditation: 

First, I’ve learned that it’s possible to get into the “zone” and have a great ride. I love being able to watch what’s going on in my head and look at it objectively. I get brilliant thoughts when I’m meditating, but I don’t feel the need to attach to them. Really, if they’re that brilliant, they’ll come back when I’m done! So I let them go and re-focus. It feels great, it’s empowering, and I notice that I’m gaining control over my mind.

I’ve realized that it’s possible to sit through discomfort. Meditations are not all easy, but it’s worth the effort to keep up. If I notice that I’m uncomfortable—physically, mentally or emotionally—this means I’ve lost my focus. What’s great is that I’ve been able to translate that self-awareness to when I feel discomfort in my daily life. It will pass, I tell myself. I re-focus on what I’m doing, and with time, discomfort does lessen if not disappear.

I also now know that it’s possible to change your day with meditation. Sometimes I wake up tired, grumpy or distracted, but once I’ve sat for  meditation, that wake-up feeling is gone. Instead, I notice that I feel love for all of those around me and gratitude for being on this journey. I then can hold onto this good mood for the rest of the day!

Most importantly, I’ve learned that it’s not about perfection. I may fade in and out of my meditation, but even during my meditation if I can get 7 or even 3 great minutes, then it’s been worth it. As long as I do the best I can, there will be results. If I let my arms down for a moment, pause the chanting for a few breaths, or take a break from breath work, that doesn’t mean I have failed. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to keep up.

OH!!! A sacred alter!!!! YES! create that sacred space for you, create with things that are special and mean something to you. 

Video Blog on the New Moon, Shifting, and Accepting

By: Sandra

 Why Gratitude Matters 12/03/2019    by: Sandra  

  Do you sometimes feel like if only certain parts of your life came together—then your life would be so much better?

 I used to focus on what was missing from my life. I paid so much attention to the ugly than on the beauty. It seemed that others were blessed or lucky and that for me something was always missing or my life just sucked and I wasn't good enough.

As I began my journey into diving deeper into Yoga, Psychology and Wellness, the world of Mindful Living was gracefully emerging. I began to learn why gratitude mattered.

What I realize today is that gratitude is one of the keys to mental, physical and relational well-being. It strengthens us during times of difficulties and emotional turmoil and leads to greater resilience and happiness. I've been able to experience first hand on how gratitude decreases the experience of stress, anxiety, depression and pain. It truly allows me to feel more connected and present with the meaningful relationships I have in my life. Gratitude also helps me to see the big picture rather than limiting me to an immediate experience of reality.

The truth is,  we all have so much to be grateful for on a daily basis—and that too often we let the sweet moments of our lives slip away. Life can be so busy, and GO GO GO--->>> BUT if we can take just a moment a couple times a day and **PAUSE**  to take in the moments that are good and that light your heart up, you will begin cultivating gratitude.

A shift in consciousness takes practice and commitment. Trust me, I know some things are easier said than done. 

That said, the rewards for expressing gratitude will enhance your life and the life of the ones around you. 

What are you grateful for? How might you deepen your practice into cultivating gratitude a little deeper? 

I am extremely grateful for all of you, for the continued support in walking side my side with me during this journey.

 I invite YOU to join into a fuller life of mindful living. 

Love, Light, and Strength



Thought Nugget November 22, 2019   by: Sandra

  I know it can be scary going to an event or place that is new to you, possibly showing people- you have anxiety! I thought I was good and I could say, "this was me a few years back". However, today.... anxiety showed up for me today during a new class and yoga studio I went to for my practice, to get on the mat and be "the student". I get used to my comfort zone, places, and people and I stay there for a bit. It's not until I am faced with the uncomfy that I realize anxiety still lives inside me. Luckily I was at the perfect place, and there to do the most effective anxiety subsider ever... (YOGA) hehe...

Over a year ago, if you told me I would be guiding others in a yoga class I would have not believed you. I would have never believed I would have opened up and become vulnerable with our community in telling "my story" about my life with this (sometimes) debilitating dis-ease. 

It's through the journey of Yoga and the beautiful community that my practice surrounded me with, I realize I am not alone and anxiety does not control me. I control me! I am able to let anxiety in and bring awareness to what it is trying to teach me or show me. 

Anxiety is the uncomfy zone, and in life if we do not explore places that take us out of our comfort we will not grow. Growth=Life. 

I've learned we can all practice yoga ON and OFF the mat. Yoga is "union". Union of one, and the Union of our community. Uniting our mind, breathe, body, and soul into one. 

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


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