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Meet the Creator

Sandra loves yoga and wants to share its gifts with all. 

Sandra Beaulieu 

RYT-500, Reiki II, Life & Recovery Coach, Yoga Nidra,

Psychology Major 

Sandra C. Beaulieu

E-RYT 500, Certified Yoga Nidra, Reiki II Certified, Life Coach, Psychology Student

Sandra began her yoga journey in 2016 when she started exploring different ways to help with her debilitating anxiety, and depression. Battling an eating disorder of Anorexia Nervosa and daily struggle with fibromyalgia. She knew that medications were not the only answer.

In 2017 she decided to immerse herself into the studies and philosophies of Yoga. She completed a 200 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training. Right out of the course, she started guiding her very own classes at the studio she will forever appreciate, and became certified through. She decided to expand her training and continue her journey with in a 300hr yoga teacher training. This instructor has not only become a friend, but a mentor for life.

With a background in Dance, Psychology, Life Coaching, and being a Caregiver, she knew this was a natural progression in her life’s journey. Sandra’s wish is to guide others through a joyful/spiritual practice that will not only build strength for the body, but more importantly, build strength for the mind and soul. Sandra has learned that Yoga is never meant to be perfected which is why we say “practice”. Yoga is for everybody and every-BODY.

On top of being a Wife and Mom of 3 amazing children, and 2 bonus boys, she is furthering her studies through Inner Engineering with Sadhguru. Realizing the journey never ends, and although we may get side tracked at times, it always ends up; where we are meant to be. She hopes to bring wisdom, strength, and light to all of you. She is always grateful for her teachers and mentors who have lovingly given her the tools to accomplish such an uplifting way of life.

“To be a good teacher you must be willing to always continue to be the student. Learning is a never ending road and I welcome it humbly always.” Looking forward to becoming a part of your journey! See you on the mat!



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